Winemaking Philosophy

Our goal is to craft individual wines that communicate both the personality of the vineyard and the vintage from which they are born.  We are trying to achieve clean, ripe, stylistically expressive and aromatic wines that let the individual site characteristics of our vineyards shine through. We believe in well-balanced wines, good acidity, firm but not over-powering tannins, complementary oak integration, and vibrant, expressive aromas and fruit flavors. To achieve this we must have the same goals and philosophies in the vineyard and in the cellar.
Cellar Philosophies
  • gravity assisted fruit movements, without the use of a must pump
  • limited adjustments on acidity, accomplished when necessary at the fermentation stage
  • healthy fermentations through use of small 1.5 – 5 ton fermentors for temperature control, thorough mixing, and oxygen pickup
  • cap managed by punch downs, as opposed to larger tank pump overs to avoid skin and seed over extraction
  • slow and gentle racking and frequent monitoring of SO2 levels throughout aging to assure clean and stable wines
  • soft pressing to minimize harsh tannins and flavors
  • whole cluster pressing on whites for reduced solids and phenolic extraction
  • unfined and lightly filtered red wines
  • balanced oak program that adds aromatic complexity, finesse and fleshiness in the mouth without dominating or over-oaking the wines